North American NPA NXX Area Code & Exchange Data

Compiled directly from definitive industry and regulatory sources, these data products deliver accurate and reliable NANP telephone numbering resource assignments and related telecom data. Suitable for a variety of applications such as; jurisdictional call routing and rating, CDR and traffic analysis, do-not-call compliance, LCR NPA NXX to LATA/OCN Rate Deck Management, distance between Rate or Wire Centers using telecom V&H coordinates, and many more.

NPA NXX Databases

North American Numbering Plan NPA NXX databases and area code prefix lists. Complete coverage of all active telephone area codes, exchanges, and central office prefixes within the United States, Canada, and many Caribbean countries.

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Local Calling Areas

Compiled directly from United States and Canadian ILEC local exchange tariffs. This database provides the data to identify the basic telephone local calling areas for virtually all local exchange carriers.

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Wireless Telephone Number Identification

These data sets are designed for those clients using automatic telephone dialing, artificial or prerecorded voice or similar systems and services needing to comply with TCPA and other Wireless-Do-Not-Call regulations.

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